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The website has been down for way too long, now it's back on and functional, resuming Korduene development is next! In the meantime you can login using your username, however you need to reset your password first.

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by aktionline 3 years ago
I want to use 7z inside Korduene. I am really new with programming, so can you help me how to use it.here are the files c# for 7z.<a href="http://www.7-zip.de/sdk.html">http://www.7-zip.de/sdk.html</a>thanks

by Rebin 3 years ago
Sorry for the late reply,You can use External libraries by creating a folder in your project directory named "ExternalLibraries" and putting the source code in there.In the case of this SDK, put the CS folder in ExternalLibraries folder and it will be compiled into your project, you can use method node to use the library as it will show up in the auto-complete.

by aktionline 2 years ago
sorry, but can you make an example with decompressing a file to the desktop with a progress bar. I tried so much but no success. thank you so much.

by Rebin 2 years ago
Here is an alternative solution, using DotNetZipThe "Ionic.Zip.dll" is included in the Output directory.You may need to remove "Ionic.Zip.dll" in the references and add it again.Here is an example using Method node that extracts zip file to selected destination.Here is the project example.

by aktionline 11 months ago
thank you very much. It will very useful for my project if the progress bar shows the percentage of the copied bytes instead of files. I want to use it to extract big files, where the is nothing happens until the file is extracted.as in the sample here:<a href="http://dotnetzip.herobo.com/DNZHelp/html/01318049-51bf-3876-e766-ad83e62fdcf5.htm">http://dotnetzip.herobo.com/DNZHelp/htm ... 2fdcf5.htm</a>

by Rebin 11 months ago
Here is the new implementation:

by aktionline 10 months ago
thank you very much. it worked.however I have a problem when extracting a zip file with big number of files 270.000 files. The memory fills and I get System.OutOfMemoryException error. I tried GC.Collect(); to free memory but didnt help. Do you have any tips?

by Rebin 10 months ago
After looking into this, seems like you're not the only one with this issue, one suggestion I came across is adding the following line of code:
zip.ParallelDeflateThreshold = -1;
using (Ionic.Zip.ZipFile zip = Ionic.Zip.ZipFile.Read(file)){
Let me know if this helps.

by aktionline 10 months ago
already used it. not helped.

by Rebin 10 months ago
It might be worth compiling your app under AnyCPU or X64, as this will allow your application to consume more memory.I've added a new option in project properties called Platform. I'ts using "anycpu32bitpreferred" by default.Note: This is experimental, and the X64 option compiles but unable to lunch the application and it will tell you that something went wrong in the output window, just check your output directory you should have a compiled executable.

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