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by dancho 11 days ago
Can you tel me how i can make to open new form from another, and how can i make enter list or let's say clients are enrolled in the database.
thanks, software is ammazing!!

by Rebin 6 days ago
Sorry for the late reply.
Here is an example on how to open a second form:

As for the second part of your question, it's not quite clear, if you could elaborate please.

Glad you like the software, appreciate it 🙂

Korduene Developer
by dancho 3 days ago
Hey, thanks for tutorial 1 , i was mean something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwDqjmSmtMQ

there are so few tutorials on the net and I'd like to do something like this, please help. Otherwise you are great and the program is for 10 stars, thank you very much in advance .... regards

by dancho 2 days ago
Can you show/made some tutorial or example...thans very much...

by Rebin 2 days ago
At the moment Korduene supports very basic database operations, and here is a sample: http://korduene.com/downloadsample?fileName=Database.zip

Korduene Developer
by dancho 1 day ago
Ok? ok i downloaded but there is nothing in it, is the file correct?

by dancho 1 day ago
i got some errors..

by Rebin 4 hours ago
Download the update file here: http://korduene.com/updates/KordueneUpdate.zip
Extract the update into your Korduene installation directory, and run Korduene.
If it complains about EmptyExtension.dll, just delete it.

Korduene Developer
by dancho 3 hours ago
Still Can't open, still getting some error, what's the whole program update or just an example? Can you help? I worked according to your instructions but cannot open ... :(

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