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by zxq2233 14 days ago

by Rebin 13 days ago
Currently working on a new version, I do it in my spare time so it's taking a while.

Korduene Developer
by gregland 11 days ago
Glad to hear that development is not stopped.
Do you have any idea of a period for the update? Day, month, years?
Thank you for this great software!

French Dev
by Rebin 10 days ago
@gregland, to be honest I don't know when it will be available for public.
even though it's still alpha version but I cannot release it as an update to the old version as it is a complete re-write.

Thanks for your support, appreciate it.

Korduene Developer
by gregland 10 days ago
I fully understand....
Maybe, publish it as such, like an Alpha but without replacing the old version, it could allow us to test this new version and make a contribution in bug detection.

French Dev
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