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by aaronpawlak 10 months ago

I have a few boxees which I've installed Hacks into. On all I've had issues afterwards where it is like the wifi has been turned off. If I search for networks it says there are none even though the modem is 1' away. I find that when it gets this error, even connecting a direct LAN cable to modem doesn't solve it (yes I do go to settings and change to wired when I try the cable). I find many times I'm forced to factory restore the boxee and start over by installing hacks again.And when they do work, I find they only find the networks from when they were setup with hacks. For example I have one that I took to my buddies house yesterday - the boxee couldn't find a network but when I took it back home it found the one that it was setup to originally. BTW - there was a strong wifi network at my buddies house so that was not the issue - it is the boxee.Anyone else experience issues with wifi after installing hacks? Is there any fix for this?

Please help.

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