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by aktionline 26 days ago
when I start the project exe, how can I use the arguments used. thanks

by Rebin 25 days ago
Not sure what you mean, can you elaborate please?

Korduene Developer
by aktionline 25 days ago
I mean like, e.g.I want a program shows a message with the command line argument:
myproject.exe hello
shows hello
for this "static void Main(string[] args)" should be exist, but the global "string[] args" is not there. So I cannot use it in the program code, even if I add using "Modify and run". I hope I was able to explain.

by Rebin 24 days ago
I've just added the arguments node Application > Main > Arguments.
You can now pass arguments to the app on startup and use it anywhere in the app.
Here is a simple example below:

Korduene Developer
by aktionline 24 days ago
you are cool. thanks.

by Rebin 17 days ago
You're very welcome.

Korduene Developer
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