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by Ethael 7 months ago
Hi Rebin,
i just want to ask whether Korduene is still in development. The reason why i ask is simple: Korduene is still the best visual scripting standalone tool i've ever seen. Would be really nice when it's in development.

by Rebin 7 months ago
Hi Ethael,
Korduene development has been suspended for the past couple of months, because the project I'm working on for my work has taken up all my time, plus been waiting on couple of other things.
In a couple of weeks I will be resuming Korduene's development, there is a lot left to do, a lot to change, same goes for this website, and Korduene documentations as well.
Thanks for your interest and kind words.

Korduene Developer
by enotar 7 months ago
Thank you for that
One thing I want to report is the resolution not working very well with 2160X1440 or I am sure others.

by Rebin 6 months ago
Thanks for letting me know Eric, this is a known issue with WinForms based applications, however this has been resolved with .NET Framework 4.7, but it's Windows 10 only just now (other operating systems will be supported as well - according to Microsoft), hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Korduene Developer
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