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by Ethael 2 years ago
Hi all,
my avast has caused some problems with my program i made in Korduene. The antivirus said there is an virus in my software. I disabled avast and i had compile the program without the protection of it. I scanned the created file with Malwarebytes and there isn't a virus. So i sent an report to avast that this data is not an virus and that i know what i do. I gave them the link to this website, too (hope this is okay). There will check this for the next update. After that, i had disabled the scan of avast for this data, and - the program works fine ;)
So there's an happy end and I hope that avast will integrate this report to the next update. I just created an other form and the show form block, to show my 2nd form.
Ethael (Alex)

by Rebin 2 years ago
Hi Alex,
Thanks for letting me know, Korduene uses obfusication to protect the produced application, which sometimes will trigger false positives with some anti-viruses, however as you know the protection is optional and you do not need to use it.
Giving them the link is fine 🙂
Glad it's working fine now, thanks for letting me know

Korduene Developer
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