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by Ethael 11 months ago
Hi all,
my avast has caused some problems with my program i made in Korduene. The antivirus said there is an virus in my software. I disabled avast and i had compile the program without the protection of it. I scanned the created file with Malwarebytes and there isn't a virus. So i sent an report to avast that this data is not an virus and that i know what i do. I gave them the link to this website, too (hope this is okay). There will check this for the next update. After that, i had disabled the scan of avast for this data, and - the program works fine ;)
So there's an happy end and I hope that avast will integrate this report to the next update. I just created an other form and the show form block, to show my 2nd form.
Ethael (Alex)

by Rebin 11 months ago
Hi Alex,
Thanks for letting me know, Korduene uses obfusication to protect the produced application, which sometimes will trigger false positives with some anti-viruses, however as you know the protection is optional and you do not need to use it.
Giving them the link is fine 🙂
Glad it's working fine now, thanks for letting me know

Korduene Developer
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