Korduene website is back online!

The website has been down for way too long, now it's back on and functional, resuming Korduene development is next! In the meantime you can login using your username, however you need to reset your password first.

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by Ethael 8 months ago
always when i want to change my usericon on the user panel i get this error here:
An error occurred while processing your request.
Development Mode

Swapping to Development environment will display more detailed information about the error that occurred.

Development environment should not be enabled in deployed applications, as it can result in sensitive information from exceptions being displayed to end users. For local debugging, development environment can be enabled by setting the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable to Development, and restarting the application.
Is there an way to fix this?

by Rebin 8 months ago
My apologies, Just noticed when you mentioned it, it has been fixed now.
Thanks for reporting this.

by Ethael 8 months ago
Hi Rebin.
Yep, works now. I had change my icon. By the way, this was created in 3D Coat. I didn't mention that I'm using blender for a long time. Now i want to switch to ZBrush, Zbrush Core or 3D Coat. Anyways, blender will be my animation and rigging software. I have used blender for much more than 2 years, but i think i have the knowledge of 2 years.

by Rebin 8 months ago
Hi Alex,

Looks good, I would love to do 3D modeling, unfortunately blender's UI is too complicated, I can't get may head around it, and other tools like 3DS Max are way too expensive, but hey it's in my plan to build some 3D tools on top of Korduene at some point.

by Ethael 7 months ago
Hi Rebin.
Thanks. I started to learn modeling with blender and an paperpack book. But, there's a way you can easily start with modeling. Check out the easiest of them: Sculptris.
I need to say that 3D features in Korduene would be sooo nice ;)
My goal would be to create my own 3D modeling software. At this moment, i don't know how to write an obj file. I've tried this in Gideros with the lua language, but it's hard if i don't know it.
Would be really cool to have 3D functions on Korduene, but however, 3D is an large step. I don't know how long this takes, but this would be my next dream, and with creating a 3D modeling software, my biggest dream. Keep up the good work, I will try to learn more and more about Korduene every day.

by Rebin 7 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion, will check it out when I have some time.
It's a big step indeed, the current goal is a stable windows application development, using the SDK and creating extensions you will be able to create 3D projects, however the nodes are not implemented, so I do not recommend it for the current version of Korduene. I've actually created two extension samples one for a simple 3D window, one for using C++.

by Ethael 8 months ago
The 3D window looks good and like a level editor ;)
I'm really suprised that there now exists an extension. I know, the nodes aren't implemented, but this is a good step. Thanks for showing. Until 3D is ready, i will need to have a good knowledge in Korduene. But for now, i will finish the project i've been working on. Maybe i will show it here if it looks good.

by Rebin 8 months ago
These two extensions is just to show that Korduene's functionality can be extended, 3D editing will be supported natively when it's implemented.
Sounds great, might open a sub forum here for user projects 🙂

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