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The website has been down for way too long, now it's back on and functional, resuming Korduene development is next! In the meantime you can login using your username, however you need to reset your password first.

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by Ethael 8 months ago
Hi Rebin.
I had found out a lot, but i got a problem with my textbox. I want to write the content of the created textbox to a file, when the button 2 is clicked. The path shall be "C:\test.txt". Do you can tell me i do that? I uploaded a small screen, button 2 is integrated and empty. It's a simple test, so don't expect too much ;)
Ethael (Alex)

Here's the Screenshot:

by Rebin 8 months ago

This is quite easy, I've used only 4 nodes as you can see in the screenshot below:

You just need to right click on the textbox and click "Create Control References" then in the reference node right click on the info button and click Get > Text, so now you have the new Text node.

In the nodes menu go to > IO > File > Write All Text, so now simply connect the new Text port created earlier to the content port of the Write All Text node.

I've added another text box just to show that you can you can specify the file destination in a text box.

Here is a project sample.

by Ethael 8 months ago
Hi Rebin,
works wonderful, thanks ;)
I didn't know that there are more commands on the infobutton, so that's good to know. I had some problems with the graphs editor, because i have to know this. Very helpful of course. Get > Text is what i'm talking about.

by Rebin 8 months ago
Hi Alex,
Most nodes have either left or right click options on the info button, these things really need to be documented, however I don't think that's gonna happen till the development of version 1.0.

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