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by Ethael 2 years ago
first of all, this looks really nice ;)
I was looking for this very long and didn't found it, now i found your software: KORDUENE. Really like this ide. I gained some C++ knowledge, but i was looking for an Visual Scripting IDE. Before 1 year i given up the search for it. Now, after 1 year i've searched again and found this in under 1 hour.
It looks fantastic and i will work with it. Textbased programming isn't my strenght, but in combination with visual scripting or only with Visual Scripting i can do it. I used 001 Game Creator over 1 year and therefore i know that visual scripting is really fun.
I'm really looking forward to create my first programs with it. Thanks so much for this nice software ;)
Ethael (Alex)

by Rebin 2 years ago
Hi Alex,
I'm happy to hear you like it 🙂
Looks like you looked for it at the right time, Korduene website has been down for a long time, just got it back up couple of days ago 🙂
That's the reason why I created Korduene, not everybody wants to write code, even if though they might want to create programs. I haven't worked on it for a while, I'll be getting back to it shortly.

Thank you for your feedback.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Korduene Developer
by Ethael 2 years ago
Hi Rebin.
Yep, perfect timing for me. It's really nice and fun to work with it ;)
And, what's nice too, is the updater and the interface. It's like a dream, now i can create some programs without text based scripting.

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